Winter Rambling with the Infrequent Blogger

window on winter

Winter rambling…

I wonder if there’s a prize for the most infrequent rambling blogger of all time?

I think as a blogger you’re supposed to post a new article a tad more often than twice a year or so. At least I don’t inundate readers with unwanted mail!

My biggest lesson from this is that one simply can’t do everything (at least I can’t).

Let’s begin with the weather as it’s such an interesting and troubling subject. As an infrequent blogger, I have to begin with last summer. It wasn’t really much of a summer, very wet and chilly right up to June, I think. The autumn was quite lovely and lasted a long time. Winter is proving that climate change is now obviously affecting this neck of the woods/world, too. Temperatures have been up and down, some snow has come and melted away. Yesterday I woke up to -27c and wind chill of -40c; today it was the same temp but less wind – only -30c. Last week many days were above zero. There’s only a small skiff of snow on the ground now (Feb. 14).

Rambling in my back yard
My back yard in January

There’s been plenty of sunshine on the cold days which make it much more pleasant. My small table in front of a back window is a delightful place to eat my lunch. We are so lucky here not to be hit by droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, record-breaking heat, etc.

window on winter
Window on winter

Rambling on…I’m still simplifying my life and really de-cluttering is one area where I’ve achieved some success. Everybody probably knows by now about the “KonMari Method” by Marie Kondo, the tidy Japanese woman who’s achieved almost world-wide fame. Well, I got her first book from the library, read it, ignored the tiny way-out bits and put it into action.

You can see my clothing “before & after” in the pictures. I have two dressers with a total of five drawers. After decluttering one dresser, the top shallow drawer is full, the other two are empty. In the second dresser, each of the two drawers are less than half full. I began with 177 items and pared it down by more than 100.

KonMari: Clothing Before
Clothing ‘before’ – clothes from all seasons gathered from the whole house
Closet after
Closet after – mainly summer clothes (there are no closets in this old house)

I had already reduced my books by two whole bookcases, so only very few more went to new homes. I also disposed of a lot of paper, with more to go. (By the way, I don’t think Marie Kondo’s way-out bits are quite so way out now.)

After getting so far, I decided that I wanted my own copy of the book (which I’m reading in the picture below with Mr. Jiggs) and her second book which was published at that time. The kitchen and the basement tools and junk will be enormous challenges as I have so many beautiful vintage dishes. In this very old house, I also never know what tools/hardware/junk I may need.

Of course, my sewing room has an enormous amount of fabrics, yarns and bits & pieces, but at least they’re mostly organized. I’ve begun a raggy quilt. I never particularly liked that type of quilt, but it’s growing on me as a great way to use up fabric if you’re not a “real” quilter.

I’ve just finished combining my vintage and handmade shops on Etsy into one and hope that will attract more potential customers.

If you’re curious at all, this may peak your interest (Smallbones Etsy Shop). Update Feb. 2017: I’ve more or less closed my Etsy shop and moved everything here (see “Smallbones Studio Shop” up top). Update 2018: I’ve retired…no more shops!

Finally for this catch-up, if you know me you know that I can’t resist posting pictures of my newish dog, Mr. Jiggs. He was rescued by Gentle Jake’s Coonhound Rescue and became my new housemate in June.

Mr. Jiggs helping me read
Jiggs likes to keep me company when I’m reading.
Mr. Jiggs the coonhound
Mr. Jiggs is happy that we have a wood stove!

I hope that the winter or the summer (for my friends “down under”) is treating you well. We’ll meet again soon-ish.

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