Willows, wonderful willows!

Woven willow tree

Spring is sprung & sprouting — it all began so early this year that I didn’t get my basket willows cut before they started sprouting. I asked the generous woman who gave me my cuttings a few years ago if they would be all right if I left them for one year. The advice was that if I want to keep getting the slender rods necessary for basketry, I’d better cut them even if they are sprouting. So I got to it! I didn’t want to waste them and I’ve been wanting to plant a living willow fedge (fence/hedge) since I first began growing the willow, so I began playing!

First I planted a very small and simple trellis along a part of the front verandah (excuse the winter mess not yet cleaned up). Then I planted a woven willow ‘tree’, which I think is just the neatest thing! I’ll keep pinching off the growth on the ‘trunk’ and let the top grow. Assuming that it roots and grows well, it will be planted in the garden sometime next autumn. I’m using more willow rods for various trellises in the back, and if there’s time and enough rods left, I may try my hand at a short canopy over one of the paths! This is fun!

Living willow hedge
The ends will be woven in as it grows


Woven willow tree
My “willow tree” is now outside with ties removed


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  1. does it have to be always doused with water?

    1. If they’re growing indoors, yes. Outdoors, no.

  2. Jane – as always, wonderful work. I wish that we were selling bunch more candles at the shop and we will as time goes on. A pleasure sharing with you.

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