The Kindness of Strangers…

…and the Value of Trust

I recently had problems with my blog. I couldn’t get access to the admin page, which meant I couldn’t add posts or do anything else. I asked for help on the WordPress forum, but the advice given didn’t help.

Then a fellow from India offered his help! He needed access to my ftp info, which of course, I would have been advised not to do if I had asked the experts. I checked him out on the forum and saw that he had helped many other people. It ‘felt’ okay to me, so I gave him the information.

He discovered what was wrong and had it working in no time. He even e-mailed me today, about a week since he fixed everything, to be sure it is still okay.

Kapil: It’s not only okay, but your generosity has given me more than a fixed blog. It’s given me back something that I was losing – my belief in the general goodness of people everywhere.


3 Replies to “The Kindness of Strangers…”

  1. Thank-you, Desert Sage (and for your comments on other posts). 🙂

  2. *applauds them both* The one for being willing to trust, and the other for being worthy of it.

  3. Someone has said:-

    We should help each other.If we won’t do so who else will do.

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