The Art of the Pot Luck

Basically, there is no art to the pot luck. It’s a pure random mixing of community, friends, folks and food and always — always — turns out just fine. Usually closer to stupendous, rather than just fine!

Arrivals for pot luck
Pot luck food is arriving!

Pot lucks are pretty commonplace here in the hamlet. We are lucky to have a community hall, built in 1890 as a private village school. It also houses our Wednesday and Saturday (now Tuesday and Saturday) afternoon library. It’s a charming place, with fully equipped kitchen and piano. There have been memorial services held in the hall, birthday parties, yoga classes, Scout meetings, Horticultural Society meetings & shows, musical performances and the ever-popular pot luck dinners as part of these occasions or ‘just because.’

My family arriving for their first potluck
More arrivals

When I moved here from the city in 1998, I had no experience with pot lucks. When told about the first one after my arrival, I asked, “What should I bring?” “Whatever,” was the answer. “No,” I said, “I mean appetizer, main course, salad, dessert?” I really didn’t understand. I don’t remember what I made for that first one, but I do remember how surprised I was at the food. It was fantastic! As a vegetarian, I had been a tad worried that there wouldn’t be anything for me to eat, but there was loads. There was more than plenty for every course, and it was all home-made with care.

Pot luck food
Just one of the laden tables!

This particular event was to celebrate a neighbour’s 65th birthday. Music was performed by a professional musician (also a neighbour). A wonderful time was had by family, friends and neighbours from near and far!

the potluck crowd
Gathering of Community

This pot luck was last Sunday — there’s another for my sister’s birthday in Cobourg this Sunday, and there’s another in the Gore’s Landing Hall tonight — everybody’s invited; really! Just show up with your contribution, dig in and enjoy!

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