Springing forward as the good life continues

Sourdough Bread

Springing Forward

It was actually over 20°C yesterday and the sunshine was glorious – a reminder that simple living really is as simple as enjoying a warm and sunny day. Spring is finally…springing forward!

There are Loons on the lake and ‘our’ Pileated Woodpecker has been visiting. Both of these birds will disappear from this area when all the weekend visitors arrive, with their increased activity and noise. But for now it’s lovely to see and hear them. This picture was taken through one of my antique wonky-glass kitchen windows.

Pileated Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker

I’ve recently joined the Down to Earth Simple Living Forum (since replaced by The Home Maker’s Forum) and I’m finding it really enjoyable. So many people (mostly women but at least one man!) from all over the world (the bulk in Australia, but Europe, the UK, Canada and the US as well) living simple, frugal and creative lives. One of the things that I’ve begun because of inspiration found on the forum is making sourdough bread. I’ve never been much of a bread maker but now I’m making lovely loaves of sourdough!

Sourdough Bread
Second try
Sourdough Bread
Sourdough Bread – approx. third try

My other bread experiment is using the bread machine to knead the dough and baking it in the oven. It’s working beautifully and I’ve been making pizza dough in the machine, too!

Oatmeal Kamut Bread
Machine dough, oven baked loaf

The picture is an oatmeal, kamut, whole wheat and white bread.

Needless to say, we’ve greatly enjoyed this experimenting. They’ve all tasted marvellous! Grocery store bread just doesn’t compare.

You can see some of my vegetable seedlings behind the breads. Today, I actually planted five broccoli seedlings in one of my new raised beds. It finally feels like winter is over!

My Etsy shop with handmade items (as opposed to the vintage one) is filling up. I’m still sticking to things that go along with simple living: aprons, pot holders, hot pads, etc., and an onion bag that I love! I’d keep it except that some years ago, I made myself a woven onion basket. I really must get back to basketry; there are so many baskets that I still want to make.


apron, tea cozy, onion bag

How is your Spring progressing? I’d love to hear what you’re up to this year.

6 Replies to “Springing forward as the good life continues”

  1. I usually plant my broccoli in November because summer gardening in Arizona is nearly impossible. Too hot! I hope you have an abundant harvest

    1. Thank-you, Ellen! It could easily be freezing and/or snowing here in November. The only things we ‘plant’ in November are firewood & warm clothes! ;”

  2. I can almost smell that bread, Jane. Glad to hear spring has finally arrived in your neck of the woods.

    1. Hope you get some real rain soon, Marc. It’s beautiful here now.

  3. The bread looks delisious! I hope the garden does well but with your green thumb that will not be a problem. Love the wood pecker, he is gorgeous. Will check out the website for living simple sounds great! Life is so much nicer when it is kept simple. ????

    1. I don’t know about my green thumb, Jay. With the Black Walnut trees surrounding my property, it’s a challenge! (The bread is, indeed, yummy.)

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