Sidestepping: My Foray into Vintage Linens & Laces…and Etsy

This new venture was precipitated by many cartons needing to find a place to land in my small house. The cartons were filled with dozens and dozens of beautiful antique linens and laces, some other antique items, and some things more correctly called “vintage” these days.

A couple of years went by, then came the day when I had to go through the contents of the summer house & clean it up. Back into the house came the cartons of Mother’s things. Going through them again, it became apparent that it was time to do something with all those treasures. I could keep a few, especially those that meant something personal to me, but the rest would have to find new homes. This would take time, something I have very little of, as most people these days.

I stopped making beeswax candles and I no longer cane chairs. I began by washing, ironing and sorting through Mother’s linens. I then opened an Etsy shop selling vintage wares.

Then I started knitting, crocheting, sewing and upcycling some of the less perfect or valuable of Mother’s things, and the laces and linens that I’ve collected myself. In late 2013 I opened a second Etsy shop to sell my soaps, skin & room sprays and lip balms, as well as the other things I’m making.

Update #1: Full circle to today, April 2014: I no longer sell things on this website. It’s simply a blog.

Update #2: My two Etsy shops are now combined in SmallbonesShop.

Update #3, July 2017: I still have the Etsy shop (temporarily), but I have now re-opened my shop here on my website. Many of the remaining antique and vintage items are now listed on eBay. Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually put them here, too!

Update #4, July 9, 2018: I’ve retired! Except for temporarily continuing to make and sell soap, my shop is kaput!

Update #5, October, 2018: I’m now fully retired and no longer have a shop here on my blog. Finally, there will be no more updates.



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  1. This is so beautiful Jane – Like everything you do! (Love the hanky scarf!!!!!)

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