How to Separate Garlic Cloves


Just a short post to show a trick that has simplified my life today, and may simplify yours tomorrow if you’re getting your garlic planted this month.

I love garlic and want to plant more this year. Last year I spent ages separating the cloves before planting out. Earlier this year I searched and found a really easy way to accomplish this little task with a video similar to this one (I can’t find the one I first saw). I didn’t want to peel the cloves, just separate them. If you shake for a few seconds longer, you can peel all the cloves as well, if that’s what you want.

Separating garlic cloves
Step 1: Two metal bowls about the same size
separating garlic cloves
2. Add a garlic bulb and shake. Result after shaking the first bulb.
3. All done! Just have to get out there and plant them now.






























I’ll leave you with a couple of pretty shots taken out of my back window in September.

Sunset on hill
Sunset on the hill; always the last bit of sunshine.
Beautiful coloured clouds after sunset
Prelude to night time. The sun has set and left beautiful colours on the clouds.



















Until the next time…enjoy the bounty and beautiful colours of nature wherever you are.






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  1. heather watkins says: Reply

    I am going to give this a try tomorrow. I wonder if it would work to divide tulip and other flowering bulbs when they need to be divided.

    Thanks, Jane.

    1. You’re a hoot, Heather!

  2. Thanks for the gariic tip, Jane. Your pics are amazing. D and I in the country also enjoy beautiful sunrises, moonrises and golden fields as the sun sets. We are so fortunate to have a spectacular east view.

    1. Aren’t the colours now almost unbelievably beautiful? Driving into town yesterday, the trees were absolutely blazing!

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