Winter in My Corner of Northumberland County


Enjoying Winter’s Beauty

I’m one who would love to hibernate through the winter. Now that I’ve finally reached my ‘fully mature’ years, I understand why many Canadians want to escape to warmer climes in January. I love all the seasons, but one month of winter would satisfy my need for a quiet, cleansing and recuperative period. However, there are times…

…like today: There was a snowstorm yesterday evening and overnight. Last night after dark, the torrent of big, fluffy flakes coming down so gracefully looked ethereal.

Today, a beautiful shining sun appeared over the hill and looking out the windows I couldn’t resist the impulse to take pictures. I began in my own back yard.

Winter: Snow on Echinacea seedheads
Echinacea seed heads with snow top hats

wind-chimes-in-snow-it's winter!



Then we headed out to explore this shiny, new winter day a little more.

community artesian well in winter
We stopped at Harwood, where we’ve been getting our drinking and cooking water at the Harwood community artesian well for 16 years!
wild turkeys in snowy winter field
There were 10 wild turkeys in this rafter
Alex's Creek, Rice Lake
Alex’s Creek north of Harwood
You can see Rice Lake at the far back behind the marsh in this photo.

Arriving back home in Gore’s Landing, we went down to the waterfront. The wind was becoming wicked by then!

winter on Rice Lake with blowing snow
Fierce winds blowing the snow across Rice Lake

Back home to the cozy warmth of the wood stove. I’m sure my love/hate relationship with winter will continue, but as long as Mother Nature paints with her pure whites and radiant blues, I’ll enjoy her artistry.


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  1. Love reading your reveries and seeing your pics. Gores Landing is a magical place.

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  3. I’m going to visit you some day, too, Jay! πŸ™‚

  4. Jane, I think you have found your calling. The picture with the snow blowing across the lake is fabulous. I have not seen winter in a very long time since I live in Texas. I like visiting it through your eyes but that is as close as I want to be. Thanks for sharing and taking me on a wonderful winter walk with you.

  5. Oh, Sultana, may I come for a short visit? πŸ˜‰

    I really didn’t like winter when I lived in the city, but out here it’s far nicer and lasts longer as ‘pure white’ pristine prettiness.

  6. Well Jane, here I am in Tucson where I traveled 2400 miles to escape the likes of winter in Philadelphia for a few months. Winter can be beautiful there too, but quickly turns slushy and ugly brown with the march of city life. I wish I could say I miss it. I an so enjoying the cacti, hummingbirds and temperate days here in the Oro Valley of Tucson. Your photos are so beautiful and remind me that winter, however daunting, is a major page in the east coast history book of my life. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Thank-you all for your positive comments. They make MY day! πŸ™‚

  8. Looking at your photo show started my day with a “wow”.
    Magical Jane.
    All the Best for 2015

  9. Thank you Jane so much. I really am not feeling well due to a very bad cold. Your lovely photos cheered me up. So much to be thankful for in our area.

  10. Absolutely beautiful photos Jane! I sure understand the love/hate thing with winter.

  11. Seen through the eye of an artist. Thank you Jane.

  12. Thank you for the wonderful show!

  13. Wonderful, thanks Jane!

  14. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

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