My First Basket Willow Harvest!

basket willow harvest

Just look at those colours!

my first basket willow harvest

This is very exciting; just thinking about weaving gorgeous baskets from my own willow is enough to make me rapturous. (There’s something wrong with my camera — that black triangle at the top left is in every photo.) I don’t imagine that I have enough this first year to weave anything large, but I can make something useful and beautiful.

This weather is so wonderful — it’s difficult to believe that it’s only March 16. On March 7 I posted about my sally garden and you can see there was still plenty of snow then. These are the same willow rods from that picture and it’s a good thing I got to it today as they are supposed to be harvested before they begin sprouting.

Today I’m drilling holes in two chair seats so I can do a traditional cane weave on them. I’ll post about that another day, but it might even be warm enough to begin the weaving outside…spring fever has begun!

That’s all for now! I just had to share my excitement.


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  1. That black triangle might be your camera’s shutter not fully opening. We bought a used digital camera for $10 and quickly discovered our little “friend”. So now, we just make sure to manually open the shutter all the way, if the camera couldn’t quite make it. And then we merrily click away.

    1. Thanks,Elaine. Yes, I discovered that shortly after taking that shot a couple of years ago. I remember to always check now & nudge it if necessary. Thanks!

  2. I also am a basket weaver–made my first willow basket last year and loved it!. I normally weave with ash and oak using cherry, walnut and/or oak for handles and rims. Have fun with your willow–it’s beautiful!!

  3. Nice colors of willow! I love natural things. It’s great that you’re trying to make something from the willow. Have fun!

  4. not to discourage you, but you do not have nearly enough willow to make a basket yet. There are some smaller things you migth be able to do. Take a look at my blog and my webpage for ideas.
    There you can also see photos of my harvest.
    Keep up the good work. weaving with willow is so much fun, and can be used for a million purposes.

    1. Thanks, Vivian. Yes, I know there’s not enough for a basket, but I may make a little mat! This was only the first year’s harvest. And there will be lots more next year, and the year after that, and so on & so on.

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