Before making the final decision…Smallbones

Victorian lace Christmas ornaments

Before making the final decision about whether or not to delete my Smallbones blog, I thought I’d do one or two quick posts.

Since changing my Smallbones website to a simple blog and moving the things I make and sell over to Etsy, I’ve been too busy to write any new posts here, but I’ve missed writing! So…this post will bring you up to date about ‘Smallbones & Me’ at the moment.

As you may or may not know, I became an official senior citizen last November. (I really think we should come up with a better name, as most of us don’t feel very “senior” when we’re in our 60s and 70s. I kind of like “Revered Elder” – just kidding, sort of). Anyway, I thought I would wind down a bit, so I closed Smallbones, the shop, in the front parlour and turned it into…a front parlour! My daughter’s new partner has a knack for collecting wonderful old things that he can’t use. He gave me two fantastic finds: a fireplace mantle and an antique chaise longue. I immediately installed the mantle for a great faux fireplace.

Smallbones: faux fireplace with new mantle

The chaise will have to wait a bit until I can either re-upholster it or paint the fabric. You can just see it, piled with fabrics, in this picture. I found great how-tos for painting furniture upholstery, such as this one.

Smallbones shop now the front parlour

There are a few snowflakes falling now, after a very disappointing summer. I added more vegetable gardens this year hoping to have lots of fresh, organic vegetables all summer and autumn. I would have also had more to dehydrate, etc. Instead I got very little: the black beans did well and I have two large jars. The tomatoes were doing well, even though the yard is surrounded by Black walnut trees, but at the very end they succumbed to late blight. What a horrid waste! I got about six smallish squashes, and that’s it. Oh, I almost forgot: just yesterday I cut the few small stalks of broccoli that didn’t even begin to form until late October.

I’ve been making many new things for my “handmade” Smallbones Etsy shop. I’m still making my traditional soaps and lip balms, as well as room and skin mists, but there’s far more now! Please visit the shop. Here are a few samples – for you or for gifts! Clicking on the picture will take you straight to the shop page. Update, July 2017: My handmade items are back here in my Smallbones shop! Update 2018: It’s only soaps, organic cotton washcloths and linen/room spray now.


Pure castile soapOf course, I’ll probably continue making soap until I’m truly “old!”







I’m listing most of the antique and vintage items on eBay for now.

If I continue with this blog, my plan is to write about being a “senior” and continue with sustainable living finds of interest, plus anything else that I think will interest you as well as me…and sometimes yes, I’ll blog about what I’m making and selling. Until next time…

7 Replies to “Before making the final decision…Smallbones”

  1. Not read much as yet, but I already can tell I would enjoy it if you continued.

  2. It’s good to hear from you! I too, hope you keep writing the blog.
    Sorry you garden didn’t produce for you. Sometimes happens here too:)
    Love you photos!! Your home looks so cozy and inviting! Best to luck to you!

    1. Thank-you, Deb! The house is getting there, slowly.

  3. I hope you’ll continue with your blog Jane. You’re a beautiful writer – and I’m sure we could learn a lot from you! XX

    1. Thanks, Ruth. I appreciate the support, and I could learn a lot from you!

  4. Robert McFarland says: Reply

    Jane, your items for sale are very nice…Good luck with selling your neat items!!!

    1. Thanks, Robert! Hope you’re enjoying your soap/shampoo bars. 🙂

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