11 Free & Simple Things You Can Do for a Happier, Healthier Planet — Be a Doer!


I think that the best way to introduce my new blog is with a short list of absolutely free and simple things everybody can do, some so simple that we sometimes forget.

“Doing” can also mean supporting the individuals and organizations, occasionally even companies, political parties and governments, who are working for a better world with a healthier environment.

Food for thought: Is GDP the best indicator of how we are doing? Is there a better measurement?

A June Rainbow
Mother Nature performs miracles every day

Community and care are more than buzzwords. Our community is our support system and we are theirs. Community reaches across barriers and can perform miracles. Many examples reach our ears and eyes every day from around the world.

As with many “good” things, preaching may result in hurt feelings, misunderstandings or even stubborn refusal. A quiet example can have positive affects that we may never know about. It’s often difficult to bite your tongue (as I know so well) and that’s where a gentle suggestion and doing your personal best may do the trick.

1. Care about your neighbour next door and your neighbour on the other side of the world

2. Marvel at the night sky

3. Share, barter, trade what you have

4. Buy less stuff: examine your *needs* and buy no more than *enough*

5. Re-use before you re-cycle

6. Replace concrete with gardens

7. Lobby for walkable, shoppable neighbourhoods

8. Walk, in nature when possible…you can’t hear, see or smell your community or nature’s beauty or creatures from an ATV or snowmobile, or even from your bus or subway seat

9. Take pride in being resourceful…Share what you learn

10. Maintain your property in people, animal and insect friendly ways

11. Organize a community garden for apartment and single room dwellers

49 more ideas for sustainable living

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