Simple Living Books That Inspire, Part Two

Hand-made raffia hat

My favourite books, part 2

This list of books adds to my first “books that inspire” post. I’m still a ‘book learner’ and love to share new discoveries. Most simple living books should be available at the library (and libraries should be inspired to have a simple living or simplicity section, IMO).

The Humanure Book is the first book I bought after moving into this old house. The purchase was inspired by a letter to the editor in our small local newspaper. The writer extolled the virtues of this ecological system and I was hooked! As our septic tank (100+ year old cedar logs) bit the dust shortly after moving in, it seemed like the perfect solution. I did it with a composting toilet and grey water system, but if I had it to do over I’d use the bucket method. (Some day I’ll do a post about the pros and cons of composting toilets; I now have 16 years experience.)

The New Create an Oasis with Greywater is the book that helped us design the system that goes with the composting toilet. All the water from the sinks, washing machine and bathtub go out back to a garden. I use my own natural soaps for everything – and just plain hot water for the dishes – so there are no chemicals or toxins in the water.

How to Make Raffia Hats, Bags & Baskets. I tend to learn any new “craft” from books and simply doing. This lovely hat was my first one after reading this book, which I highly recommend. Hand-made raffia hat





The Sweetness of a Simple Life: Tips for Healthier, Happier and Kinder Living from a Visionary Natural Scientist. This book, to be published in April, is on my wish list. I’m now reading “The Global Forest” by Diana Beresford-Kroeger, and I’m quite enjoying it. Trees root, encourage, awe and inspire me. I’ve planted many, communed with many and yes, I’m a tree-hugger.

Update February 2016: I got this book from the library and love it! I want my own copy! Diana lives near Ottawa and I’d love to adopt her as my personal mentor. My only quibble (a big one) is that she hasn’t cottoned on to the importance of leaving animals off the human “use” list.

The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook. Delicious food that’s good for you, animals and the world. I can say it no better than T. Colin Campbell and Karen Campbell: “This is a great cookbook for treating and reversing heart disease as well as a wide variety of other ailments and diseases. So hear the whisper of your heart and do it a favor. Try these recipes and see for yourself what a fantastic difference they can make for your health. Dr. Esselstyn’s amazing accomplishments are backed up by Ann and Jane’s health enriching recipes.”

The New Yoga for Healthy Aging : Living Longer, Living Stronger, and Loving Every Day. Finally for now, I’m awaiting delivery of this yoga book. I admit that I don’t practice yoga nearly as much as I should. I’m hoping that this book will get me going again. 🙂

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