Barter/Borrow Experience?

I want to be a part of a neighbourhood barter/borrow group. Such a simple money-saving, time-saving concept should be easy to get organized, right? Mothers often organize child clothing and toy rotation groups — this would be similar.

I tried a few years ago. With great excitement, I got as far as listing all the tools/equipment/talents I could offer. I showed my list and explained the idea to one neighbour, who said “Great idea, but I doubt if anybody would sign on.”

I need help!

That negative reaction dampened my enthusiasm and I’ve been so busy since then that I haven’t even tried to take it any further. I’m not a good salesperson. I think that if something is a good idea, everybody should be happy to be a part of it. I really dislike trying to ‘sell’ an idea (or a product).

Spring seems to be the perfect time to get a community barter/borrow project going. Everybody is pondering all the sprucing up, fixing and maintenance that needs scheduling. We don’t all need to own every tool for a small job, we aren’t all experts or experienced at everything, and it’s another great way to bring community together. What I need is mentoring from a community that’s already doing this with success. (Then I need lots of help with my ‘to-do’ list.)

What’s your experience?

Have you ever participated in such a group? Got tips? A blueprint of sorts? Ideas to get going? Help, please!

If you’re in my position, check back to see what help is offered.



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  1. Yeah, Nice Blog …. it’s another great way to bring community together.

  2. meg and carlo says: Reply

    You guys are welcome to use whatever we have anytime!

    Love this idea.

    1. Hi Neighbours! This is where the internet shines! Yes, let’s share. The only ‘work’ involved is that we need to make lists of what we have that is shareable, including talents/abilities, and share the lists.

  3. Thanks Ken. I forgot to mention in the post that I barter with one neighbour now: I drive him into town and he cuts my firewood. He doesn’t have a car and I don’t have a chainsaw (or enough time/energy to cut with my handsaw). I’m hopeful that I can drum up more local interest!

  4. Bartering is a great idea Jane and I remember reading about it many years ago, but it never really took off. Maybe if very tough times come along it would become popular and the internet would be such a great tool for it.

    However checking in with Google: ‘barter network’ and ‘bartering websites’ seems to bring up quite a few resources.

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