A Look Back at Spring

Robins in nest

I’m a tad (!) behind on many things at the moment, but running as fast as I can! As many of you know, I’ve been making changes at Smallbones. I no longer do chair caning because I needed to free up some time to devote to my new SmallbonesStudio Etsy Shop, and as sales increase for Smallbones’ natural body & home products, it takes more and more time to keep up with supply. (My back was also suffering from chair caning.)

One of the things I most love is gardens – all kinds of gardens! I’ve made another vegetable garden where the old drive shed had to come down and plan to steal another bit of ground for a third vegetable garden for next year. I want to be as sustainable as possible with my own organic food. Now, on to spring in the garden!

Walnut trees in spring
May: Walnut trees with their beautiful leafing out colours
May 19: The Lilacs were especially beautiful this year. I still need to prune many of mine down to encourage new lower growth.

smallbones entrance June 2013

Lady scarecrow at Smallbones


Sally Garden (basket willows) before cutting to ground level
Sally Garden (basket willows) before cutting to ground level


Lovely nesting shelf for Robins, but…


Robins in nest
…they chose this precarious spot for their five babies! (There’s a new family in the same nest now – July 14!)


Pasture Roses & Canada Anemones
Natives: Pasture Roses & Canada Anemones at curbside


Trilliums & Ginger
Trilliums (Ontario’s provincial flower) & native Ginger


Smallbones' back yard
Back with new veg garden in left back corner: June 13




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  1. Deb Funkhouser says: Reply

    Jane you have a beautiful homesite!

    1. Thank-you, Anne and Deb! I’m so glad that I moved from the city. Here there’s room to move and clean(er) air. I’m lucky!

  2. Jane, love your gardens, lilacs, baby birds and all the bedsteads in the gardens.
    So nice to visit your blog.

  3. Thank-you Peggy, Robert and Bonnie! Glad you liked it/them!

  4. What a great photo of the nesting birds. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love visiting Smallbones at Gores Landing…

  6. Lovely, Jane! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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