Hazel Bird Nature Reserve

Hazel Bird Nature Reserve

The Hazel Bird Nature Reserve is well worth a visit. It’s much more fun to explore than a playground! It comprises many different habitats including tallgrass prairie, sand barren, oak woodland and black oak savanna, which are all native to the Rice Lake Plains. On a perfect Spring day in early May we went for the first time.

Rambling with the Infrequent Blogger

window on winter

Winter rambling…
I wonder if there’s a prize for being the most infrequent rambling blogger of all time?
I think as a blogger you’re supposed to post a new article a tad more often than twice a year or so. 😉 At least I don’t inundate readers with unwanted mail!
My biggest lesson from this is that one simply can’t do everything (at least I can’t).

Springing forward as the good life continues

Sourdough Bread

It’s Spring, finally. It was actually over 20°C yesterday and the sunshine was glorious – a reminder that simple living really is as simple as enjoying a warm and sunny day! There are Loons on the lake and ‘our’ Pileated Woodpecker has been visiting. Both of these birds will disappear from this area when all the weekend visitors arrive, with their increased activity and noise. But for now it’s lovely to see and hear them.

Moving Forward…Smallbones & Me

Jane Weeks of Smallbones Studio

I fell in love with my heritage house on sight and decided that I wanted to live within its old walls before I’d even been inside. It was built in 1855 by Gore’s Landing’s first boat builder and coffin maker. (His photo is in the Peterborough Canoe Museum.) It’s a small and simple dwelling that retains most of its original character. Gore’s Landing is a wonderful hamlet with its very own open-twice-each-week library in the community hall.

A Look Back at Spring

Robins in nest

One of the things I most love is gardens – all kinds of gardens! I’ve made another vegetable garden where the old drive shed had to come down and plan to steal another bit of ground for a third vegetable garden for next year. I want to be as sustainable as possible with my own organic food. Now, on to spring in the garden!

60 Ideas on How to Live Sustainably

Earth from Space

There are many steps we can each take to reduce our impact on the environment, saving money & our health at the same time. Here are 60 tips: most are free and easy, and they’ll all make you feel good about doing your bit!

Home: Simplicity My Way

Smallbones is about sustainable, natural and simple living. I often think about what life was like for the family that built my house in 1855.