Hazel Bird Nature Reserve

Hazel Bird Nature Reserve

The Hazel Bird Nature Reserve is well worth a visit. It’s much more fun to explore than a playground! It comprises many different habitats including tallgrass prairie, sand barren, oak woodland and black oak savanna, which are all native to the Rice Lake Plains. On a perfect Spring day in early May we went for the first time.

Winter in My Corner of Northumberland County


I’d love to hibernate through the winter. Now that I’ve finally reached my ‘fully mature’ years, I understand why many Canadians want to escape to warmer climes in January. I love all the seasons, but one month of winter would satisfy my need for a quiet, cleansing and recuperation period. However, there are times…

Like today: There was a medium-sized snowstorm yesterday evening and overnight. Last night after dark, the torrent of big, fluffy flakes coming down so gracefully in the beam of the one street light I can see from a window looked ethereal.

Today, a beautiful shining sun appeared over the hill and looking out the windows I couldn’t resist the impulse to take pictures. I began in my own back yard.