60 Ideas for Sustainable Living

Earth from Space

1. Visualize our Earth from space…*really* understand that it and all life on it are fragile

2. Care about your neighbour next door and your neighbour on the other side of the world

3. Make your home energy efficient and free of toxins

4. Buy Green energy

5. Realize that the connection between “green” + “economy” is positive, not negative

6. Don’t drive, unless you really must

7. Walk, cycle, skate, toboggan

8. Demand better, energy-efficient mass transit

9. Use buses and trains…Share cars…Carpool

10. Switch to appliances and technology that use the least energy

11. Use power bars for “phantom load” appliances and equipment…turn the bar off when not using

12. Turn off lights when you leave a room…Use energy-efficient lighting

13. Encourage businesses to turn off most lights at night

14. Encourage municipalities to use energy-efficient street lights

15. Marvel at the night sky

16. Avoid drive-thrus

17. Avoid fast food

18. Don’t litter…Collect others’ litter

19. Eat sustainably grown food

20. Install solar panels…Erect a windmill

21. Build political will for local change

22. Avoid petroleum-derived products, including plastic, whenever possible

23. Use refillable, non-plastic containers

24. Share, barter, trade what you have

25. Buy less stuff: examine your *needs* and buy no more than *enough*

26. Re-use before you re-cycle

27. Replace concrete with gardens

28. Lobby for walkable, shoppable neighbourhoods

29. Plant trees…Save forests

30. Garden with plants native to your region

31. Walk in nature…you can’t hear, see or smell nature’s beauty or creatures from
any motorized vehicle, ATV or snowmobile

32. Use eco-certified or recycled lumber and eco-friendly paints

33. Avoid conventionally grown cotton and synthetic fabrics

34. Use earth-friendly fabrics such as hemp and organically grown bamboo, cotton & banana fibre

35. Patronize your local thrift shop

36. Turn down the temperature on your hot water heater

37. Investigate solar water heating and tankless water heaters

38. Don’t fly, unless you really must

39. Support environment-friendly politicians

40. Support neighbourhood small business

41. Boycott corporations that exploit people or the environment…“Cheap” has many hidden costs

42. Take pride in being resourceful…Share what you learn

43. Encourage and support others who are being resourceful

44. Put on a(nother) sweater

45. Turn off the air conditioner

46. Buy tree-free or post-consumer paper

47. Use a clothesline instead of a dryer

48. In the winter, dry clothes indoors…save energy and contribute humidity to the dry air

49. Avoid household products that are made with artificial ingredients or include “scents”

50. Research materials, manufacturing methods and ingredients before buying anything

51. Maintain your property in people, animal and insect friendly ways

52. Build a compost pile…don’t bag, compost autumn leaves

53. Eat locally grown organic food…support organic family farms & farmers’ markets

54. Grow your own organic vegetables & fruit if possible

55. Organize a community garden for apartment and single room dwellers

56. Support the growing of hemp with its hundreds of eco-friendly uses

57. Support an economy based on renewable energy sources

58. Support efforts to close down coal-burning and nuclear power plants

59. Demand strict emission controls and fuel efficiency for all vehicles

60. If you’re not already, investigate becoming vegan.
Learn the environmental, health & animal welfare issues of eating & using animal products




Only when the last tree has died
and the last river been poisoned
and the last fish been caught
will we realize we cannot eat money
-Cree proverb

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  1. Love this.
    Especially because there are steps included that anyone can start with, regardless of money.

  2. very good

  3. Linda McCaffrey says: Reply

    Just wanted to thank you for caring about our environment and for the great tips you give on conserving energy and also for being on the list of leaping bunny to fight animal cruelty. I am a passionate animal lover and support this fight.

    Thank you again.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! And thank-you, too, for your efforts & passion.

  4. The entries presented above are very useful in conserving energy, recycling and becoming eco-friendly. For me, it serves as a reminder that these small things could greatly affect the world in a good way if we practice them everyday. Thank you for sharing these!

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