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I often think about what life was like for the family that built my house in 1855. We often think of life in the 1800s as simplicity personified, but when we really ponder it, we realize that it was very hard work to be so ‘simple.’

Matilda & William McBride
Matilda & William McBride

Were they happy? Did they grow most of their own food? Did Matilda McBride make all of the family’s clothing and linens? I know that William McBride was a boat builder and coffin maker and his shop was next door where the general/beer store is now. What would they think about how I live in their house and about a beer store in their woodworking shop (it was a simple general store when I moved here)?

Simplicity is empowering. It’s thumbing your nose at mass consumption & manipulative corporate power, things that didn’t exist to any large extent in the 1800s in Canada. It’s learning what’s important in your world.

I love growing things and I’m learning more about growing my own food every year. It’s a challenge as I’m surrounded by beautiful, towering Black walnut trees that exude a substance that is toxic to many vegetables. I also love recycling and ‘re-creating’ useful things from previous generations.

I was very fortunate to move from downtown Toronto to this tiny hamlet on a lake in 1998. This simple, old house has retained many vestiges of the McBride’s simple aesthetics. I love things that have withstood the ravages of time, especially if they were originally made by hand with love and care.

Simple living
Simple living: a pathway to a secluded spot to simply sit.

I used to have a shop and my office in the front part of the house – they’re back to being the ‘front parlour’ and the guest room now. I moved everything to the internet, something not heard of until modern times. Part of simplifying my life was making my home life more simple as well.

This blog is my way of sharing the ups and downs on my road to simplicity…a trip that reaches its destination only when I reach my ending.

Anyway, please have a stroll through the posts. I hope some will resonate with you!

Update Feb. 10, 2017: I’ve decided to put my handmade items for sale back on this site (Shop Smallbones Studio). The vintage items are still in my Etsy shop for now (Smallbones  Shop on Etsy.)

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11 thoughts on “Home: Simplicity My Way

  1. I’ve clicked subscribe and received a confirmation but when I clicked on the link it came up with a page not found message.

    I live in anold house. It’s approximately 600 years old and build from part of an old chateau. The whole square where I live is made from the chateau. I love my house. It’s not ‘grand’ but it is very much home.

    1. “Old” is certainly different depending on where you live. Your chateau sounds absolutely wonderful, Susan! I had no idea that you were in Europe.

      I have no idea what the subscription problem is, but I’ll try to find out. Thanks for letting me know. I’m no expert at these things.

      See you on DTE!

  2. Hi Jane, I was givin your name after posting and asking for help on facebook…
    I need a chair cained, do you do this, I have pictures if you can.
    Thank You

  3. Hi Jane: I have a chair that needs a new cane seat, and wonder if you’d be interested in this small project. I will be near Gore’s Landing tomorrow and again from August 14-17. Thanks!

  4. Hi — I was doing some digging into McBride history and found your posts on Pinterest. William McBride was my great-great grandfather. I’ve seen Lilac Lodge on trips to Gores Landing (my grandfather, Wm. Charleton McBride, liked to take us there when we visited in the summers) but didn’t know William had built houses too. I’d love to have a look at your house if you don’t mind, as an homage to my family history.

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