Gore’s Landing Walking Tour

Gore’s Landing: An Historic Hamlet on the South Shore of Rice Lake

Gore's Landing, Ontario. Historic Plaque

The Gore’s Landing Self-guided Walking Tour begins with a short recent history of the hamlet of Gore’s Landing, beginning in 1844. Long before European settlers, the first people to enter the Rice Lake area were the Palaeo-Indians – spear points have been found that are thought to be as old as 11,500 years.

The rolling Oak Ridges moraine and recumbent drumlin islands in Rice Lake give Gore’s Landing an enchanting setting. Its aesthetic appeal reminded many British settlers of the lakes and scenery of their homeland. Their legacy of sketches, paintings and writings has given the hamlet a rich heritage. Fortunately, records for the Township of Hamilton have been preserved to an extent greater than those in many municipalities. Catharine Parr Traill, one of Canada’s foremost early writers, was a resident. Her records give an invaluable glimpse of pioneer life at Gore’s Landing.

 Be your own tour guide! 

Today, Gore’s Landing residents are proud of our hamlet’s rich history and pleased to share it with visitors. The walking tour guide covers approx. four kilometers in the main section of the village. There is a photo of each house and a description of its origin. I made this walking tour guide using the information (with permission) in “Gore’s Landing and the Rice Lake Plains,” which is no longer in print and I’ve updated it since.

Self-Guided Walking Tour of Historic Gore's Landing

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6 thoughts on “Gore’s Landing Walking Tour

  1. Anita – Is there anything in the Gore’s Landing Book about John and Martha [nee Irwin] Little? They are my GG grandparents – their son John Jr was born there about 1836.

  2. Hi Pam, my husbands family (ancient) lived at Gore’s Landing a the time of Catherine P Traill. In fact the families intermarried. I wondered if you had any information on Richard Blyth MUCHALL and his family. I understand that Richard became a cabinet maker and inventor, but have no positive proof.
    I can fill in a lot of information about his background if anyone at Gores Landing would be interested. Thank you Anita Muchall

    1. Hi Anita!
      Your husband’s ancestor is mentioned a few times in “Gore’s Landing and the Rice Lake Plains,” which unfortunately is no longer in print. On page 43: “The first man to venture into the present Gore’s Landing area along the lakeshore with the sole intention of farming was Richard Blythe Muchall from Worcestershire, England.” And it goes on for two paragraphs, one of which is a letter written by him. He’s also mentioned on two other pages. He died at age 47, leaving “a widow and eight children.” Mrs. Muchall (no first name) is also mentioned as having remarried to John Kilvert, “an English Immigrant from Bath.” Keep your eye out for a copy of the book; it has a blue cover, which is why I call it “the blue book.” I had some from the last printing, but they were all sold long ago. If you like, when I have time I’ll type out the parts of the book about them. BTW, I’m Jane, not Pam.

  3. Hi there, my boyfriends father grew up there and I am interested in how and where to purchase a Gores Landing self guided walking tour booklet for him. thanks Pam

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