Smallbones Studio: Handmade Haberdashery

Citrus cosmetics bag

Hats, mittens, scarves, belts, socks, change purses, cosmetic bags: these are things we can call haberdashery, commonly used for men’s accessories but now encompassing women’s as well. I handcraft these one-of-a-kind items with long-lasting use in mind. Mostly for women, but I’ll be fashioning the odd thing for men, too.

Smallbones Studio: Accessories for Your Simple Home

House & Home: Smallbones

A simple home is deserving of attractive accessories that provide comfort and utility – things that add pleasure to our daily lives. I make the things I like with quality, natural materials that will last a very long time. They also make welcome gifts for almost any occasion. My family can attest to that!

Smallbones Studio: For Babies & Children

baby bath gift set

Baby sets for the wee one in your life hand knit with soft, natural organic cotton. The yarn is grown and spun with none of the chemicals used on conventionally-grown cotton. Babies have sensitive skin, so you want to protect that tiny body. Various sets, some including a bath set with wash cloths and pure castile soap.

Smallbones Studio: Handmade Soaps & Gift Sets


I’ve been making soap for more than 12 years the old-fashioned, cold process way. Handmade natural soap is a thoughtful gift for the person who doesn’t want more ‘things,’ but would love something both practical and beautiful. Everyday consumable items make the best gifts for simple living!

Weathering Challenging Times: My Gardens’ Ups & Downs

Done! Six cups Elderberries, five cups sugar and cloves resulted in six bottles of Elderberry Cordial.

In my corner of the world we’ve been pretty lucky so far. Our weather has had its ups and downs, but nowhere near what’s been happening in other parts of the world. This year has been different: apparently the current drought is the worst since 1959. Weathering challenging times like this will take more serious thought and ingenuity as climate change continues.

Hazel Bird Nature Reserve

Hazel Bird Nature Reserve

The Hazel Bird Nature Reserve is well worth a visit. It’s much more fun to explore than a playground! It comprises many different habitats including tallgrass prairie, sand barren, oak woodland and black oak savanna, which are all native to the Rice Lake Plains. On a perfect Spring day in early May we went for the first time.

Rambling with the Infrequent Blogger

window on winter

Winter rambling…
I wonder if there’s a prize for being the most infrequent rambling blogger of all time?
I think as a blogger you’re supposed to post a new article a tad more often than twice a year or so. 😉 At least I don’t inundate readers with unwanted mail!
My biggest lesson from this is that one simply can’t do everything (at least I can’t).

Springing forward as the good life continues

Sourdough Bread

It’s Spring, finally. It was actually over 20°C yesterday and the sunshine was glorious – a reminder that simple living really is as simple as enjoying a warm and sunny day! There are Loons on the lake and ‘our’ Pileated Woodpecker has been visiting. Both of these birds will disappear from this area when all the weekend visitors arrive, with their increased activity and noise. But for now it’s lovely to see and hear them.